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The Base/OPEN Object-Oriented Data Base Management System EasyDB represents a new generation of data base technology developed in the wake of relational data base systems.
The Base/OPEN Data Base Management System (DBMS) is optimized for long-lasting and large transactions which are characteristic of engineering applications. It provides facilities to create and maintain a common data base for different applications. The data base is object-oriented, which provides for natural, real-world oriented data modelling making it particularly efficient for CAD/CASE-applications. It is available for several modern workstations making it possible to write portable applications.

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Base/OPEN™ Object-Oriented Data Base Management System is shipped in one of the following configurations. [More]

  • EasyDB
    EasyDB Release 5.2 is a multi-user DBMS. It allows network distribution, utilizing NCS and NFS or any other global distributed file system for optimized performance.
  • EasyDB LiTe
    EasyDB Release 5.1 is a single-user data manager (in the same sense as a UNIX file system), designed to accelerate the development rate for a single tool. The user interface is upward compatible with multi-user EasyDB 5.2.

Compatibility and availability notes
EasyDB 5.X releases are initially available on Solaris 9 (and later) on Sparc and Windows NT (and later) on Intel. EasyDB 4.X series runs on SunOS 5.5.1 to Solaris 9 on Sparc. It can still be ordered but is no longer supported.

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