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Basesoft Secure Areas Overview

This site supports several secured areas. Some are secured by SSL e.g. this page. The SSL pages support both server and client authentication by certificates, and also support high-grade encryption (i.e. AES256). This current SSL starting page does however not require any client authentication. The purpose of this page is to provide an overview and further instructions for you to be able to access more interesting areas that additionally require some form of client (personal) authentication.

You may download a Basesoft Root CA certificate for your Browser on this page. Additional instructions for adding the Root CA in e.g. Firefox and Internet Explorer are found here. You will also find the CRL for the Basesoft CA here. The CRL will be updated on a regularly basis. The server checks your personal certificate for the CRL. If your certificate has been revoked or the CRL is out-of-date, access will be denied. You need to get the CRL to check the validity of signatures, use i.e. encrypted mail, or when making use of certifcates issued by Basesoft in you own applications.

This WEB server (e.g this site) should of course identify itself as (please check the certificate carefully before you accept/install it, to i.e. avoid for "man-in-the-middle" attacks!).

There is one set of secure areas that require personal (client) certificate based authentication and authorization. Those are selectively available for Basesoft Customers, Partners, Staff and distinguished Guests. Goto secure pages overview for further information and testing personal (client) authorized access only areas. The Authorized Access Areas introductions (overview) pages are available for all trusted CA (signed) certificate holders, during normal business hours (e.g. 8:00--21:00 Monday--Friday, depending on your SLA).

Your personal certificate is valuable. If you loose it, or suspect that someone might have got access to your private key, you shall immediately revoke it here or by contacting Basesoft Security Officer by any other approved means.

There are other areas on this server that support the GTP (and DSI) single sign-on and policy manager. For access you first may need to download and install some client software. However all applications will then be able to access those areas in this site transparently and with mutual authentication and access control based on your authorisation. Click here for DSI secured SSO pages.

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